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Collar Pins & Clasp Bars

The collar pin bar is supposed to make your tie look better, as the pin lifts up the knot and shapes the collar around it to make it stand proud. They come in two main designs: with screw-off ends that fit through eyelets in the collar; or like a large safety pin, which can be attached to any collar.
  • Collar pin bar or barbell whose ends screw off and is designed to pass through specially made eyelets in each side of the collar.
  • Safety pin, that pierces each side of the collar (or passes through the existing eyelet)
  • Clasp bar with clips on both ends that grasp each side of the collar
The latter two styles do not require specially made collars (with holes for pin), but collar bars are generally not wo with buttoned-down ("polo") collars and would be redundant with tabbed collars. Collar pins work best with straight, minimally spread collars. Avoid ordering widely spread collars such as the cutaway to be wo with collar pins.